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Demolitions in Kenya: How Legal Is Your Legal Title Deed?

One of the biggest challenges that the Real Estate Market faces in Kenya has traditionally been the fear of title deed authenticity. Fake transactions have created fear to investors who remain completely exposed to a registry system and a state that cannot provide indisputable titles of ownership. Land disputes are extremely common even when genuine […]

Market expectations 2017: It is time to act Read more

Market expectations 2017: It is time to act

For several months now, people have been speculating as to what is going to happen during the year 2017. Despite the different opinions, everybody agrees that this year is full of challenges. The period of speculating has finished and now we are living the reality. Since the beginning of the year the news about the […]

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Kenya : Will 2017 Fair Any Better?

The world witnessed changes, unexpected overthrows, the Brexit referendum, the US elections, wars, terrorism, signs of instability in Europe, a wind of change for the Asian markets and Africa tried to overcome challenges amid a global storm in the year 2016. For many analysts, this was a preparatory period, a rehearsal before what is expected […]

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UK: Is property facing a meltdown in 2017?

THE HOUSING market is finally slowing after years of rampant growth and many Britons will give hearty thanks for that. GETTY The housing market is slowing after years after rapid growth The assumption that homeowners automatically celebrate price rises has been blown apart by the crazy growth of recent years, which has made the majority […]

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Kenya : What Brexit Means to the Property Market

“Brexit is expected to affect all markets, and people are wondering how this will affect the Kenyan economy as well as the property market. In general, it is important to understand that such unexpected changes result in both economic and financial shifts. Usually, economic shifts happen slowly while financial shifts happen overnight and can be […]

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U.K’s Housing Market Feels Effects of Brexit Vote

  Brexit hit the U.K. housing market hard in June, a survey of property brokers showed on Thursday. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors said that after Britons voted to leave the European Union on June 23, its members reported weakening demand, a drop in the number of homes put up for sale, and a […]