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Are interest rates to blame for real estate market woes?

There is a lot of discussion regarding the implementation of interest rate cap law and how it has affected the economy and the real estate market over the last two years. However, it’s important to understand if (IRC) interest rate cap is the reason behind the industry’s stagnation and bad performance, or if it is […]

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Sky-high Hong Kong: can anything stop the boom in property prices?

Do what it may, the Hong Kong government seems powerless to rein in the territory’s booming property market. In January, the city was judged the world’s least affordable by US planning consultancy Demographia for the eighth successive year (the survey reviewed nine leading global housing markets including the US, China, Singapore, UK and Japan). The […]

Market expectations 2017: It is time to act Read more

Market expectations 2017: It is time to act

For several months now, people have been speculating as to what is going to happen during the year 2017. Despite the different opinions, everybody agrees that this year is full of challenges. The period of speculating has finished and now we are living the reality. Since the beginning of the year the news about the […]

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Although numbers do not lie, sometimes the market trend is not as crystal clear. Reading the latest available reports on Kenyan economy and the real estate sector, I really find it hard to get a clear position on the status of the market trend. The reason is that it’s towards the end of 2016, and […]